Dizziness and Balance Disorders: A Multidisciplinary Approach

A four-day instructional course aimed for physicians, surgeons, scientists, physiotherapists and allied health professionals who diagnose and manage patients with dizziness and/or imbalance. The course is run by an international, multidisciplinary faculty of experienced clinicians and researchers.

The course will include lectures on:

  • The diagnostic approach to dizziness and imbalance – history, examination and tests
  • Common and Uncommon Vestibular Disorders multidisciplinary, evidence based approach
  • Managing the patient with dizziness and imbalance – a holistic approach
  • Innovation research and clinical implications  a research update and its clinical translation
  • Case studies and remote equipment demonstrations

Course Directors: Prof Doris-Eva Bamiou, Dr Charlotte Agrup, Dr Raj Nandi and Dr Nehzat Koohi

Guest Speakers include: Prof Yuri Agrawal, Johns Hopkins University, USA; Prof Mark Edwards, St George’s University of London, UK; Prof Cha Yoon Hee,University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, United States; Prof Michael Schubert, Johns Hopkins University, USA

In addition to the course directors, faculty speakers/session chairs include: Prof Adolfo Bronstein, Prof Diego Kaski, Prof Linda M Luxon,  Dr Joanna Lawson, Ms Amanda Male, Prof Louisa Murdin, Dr Manjit Matharu, Dr Waheeda Pagarkar, Dr Marousa Pavlou, Dr Gary Price, Dr Florian Voigt.

CPD points: 24

Date: Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd June 2022. Venue: Queen Square Lecture Theatre, 33 Queen Square, WC1N 3BG London UK. Teaching level: Intermediate to advanced.

Attendance fee: Consultants (Medical/Non Medical): 4 days £850. All others: 4 days £550. Single day: £220 (Consultants) £150 (all others) Attendance fee (virtual): £600 (4 days) £150 (single day)

Contact Email: uclh.thedizzinesscourse@nhs.net  Website: https://queensquaredizzinesscourse.wordpress.com/